NOVEMBER 1, 2022

Learning Lines for Teaching Advanced Critical Thinking 2022-2025

Erasmus+ | 2022-1-BE02-KA220-SCH-000086253

T-ACT is an initiative aimed at implementing learning pathways for information literacy and active citizenship within specific segments of the Flemish school system. While the project’s initial blueprint was crafted to address the requirements and obstacles identified by AGSO, the public school system operator in Antwerp, we are also exploring opportunities for collaboration with other school systems, both nationally and internationally, across various countries and regions.


OCTOBER 1, 2020

Enhancing Social Inclusion and Employability for Individuals with Disabilities (2020-2023)

Erasmus+ 2020: 2020-1-NL01-KA204-078905

Skillability is an initiative designed to assist individuals with disabilities who possess unique talents or skills. The project’s objectives encompass providing them with supplementary income opportunities, fostering the growth of entrepreneurial mindsets, enabling greater financial independence, lessening dependence on social support systems, easing the path to reentry into formal or informal education and training programs, offering direct access to digital training for acquiring new skills and partial qualifications, expanding their social connections and networks, mitigating the effects of physical barriers and geographical constraints.


OCTOBER 1, 2020

The Art of De-biasing 2020-2023

Еrasmus+ 2020:  2020-1-UK01-KA204-078905

The project dBias is an extension of the ongoing De Facto initiative, which endeavors to situate the issue of disinformation and misinformation within the context of education and training. This project aims to tackle the absence of a holistic approach to instructing educators on biases, cultivating resilience in learners, and fostering critical thinking.

An online platform has been established to gather data on the frequency, intensity, and clustering of cognitive biases.