SkillFoster – Workshop in Rotterdam

On May 27th and 28th, the SkillFoster partnership held its second workshop in Rotterdam, bringing together experts in conservation, restoration, digitization, and 19th-century architecture. This diverse group focused on integrating heritage into education, sharing insights and best practices. Key Highlights: Moving Forward: The workshop set the stage for developing educational modules, expanding digital archives, and […]

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dBias project conclusion

Delft Digital Learning is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of the dBias project, a collaborative effort designed by NTCenter (BG) and spearheaded and coordinated by Bash Art Creative (UK-Scotland). Our esteemed partners, including Koç University (TR), Institute for Contemporary Education (RS), Arteveldehogeschool (BE), Edulin (NL), and Drawing to Health (NL), lent their specific expertise […]

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Skillability project conclusion

We are proud to announce the successful conclusion of the Skillability project, a transformative initiative spanning three years. This project was passionately dedicated to fostering social inclusion and enhancing employability opportunities for individuals with disabilities across Bulgaria, Netherlands, Slovenia, Denmark, Portugal, Italy, and Lithuania. Skillability was established with a clear mission: to combat the persistently […]

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The Future of Learning

The expected new approach of the Universities... As the needs and expectations of students are changing, the institutions should also change they approach. It is expected that Universities and Institutes became more “commercially-minded and agile”, in order to answer and adjust much more to what students want and to what employers and governments are asking [...]
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Learning can be fun 

Video is the big trend: it is no surprise. The relevance of video content is reflected in the various stream channels, in video blogs and in the typology of different social media channels. And eLearning is no exception to this trend. With the management of the enormous flow of information available, being one of the [...]
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How eLearning courses can keep your mind awake!

Curiosity is the genesis of the Human Being. It was catalyzed our evolution, motivating a constant search for new methods and new learning. Still, sometimes our routine prevents us from having the time and focus to explore areas we'd like to learn more about. We all think about learning something new: a new language, programming [...]
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