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The Future of Learning

The expected new approach of the Universities…

As the needs and expectations of students are changing, the institutions should also change they approach. It is expected that Universities and Institutes became more “commercially-minded and agile”, in order to answer and adjust much more to what students want and to what employers and governments are asking from higher education. The institutions should to be more dynamic and more able to change. In this process, technology will have a crucial effect.

The education we deserve

The term “education we deserve” was adopted as a kind of symbol of the changes taking place in higher education and in the respective schools and institutions. This term is, in large part, supported by 10 topics that consist of the 10 IT Issues researched and reported to Educase.com by some leaders and teachers, which are:

  • Cyber Everywhere!

Developing processes and controls, institutional infrastructure, and institutional workforce skills to protect and secure data and supply-chain integrity

  • Evolve or Become Extinct

Accelerating digital transformation to improve operational efficiency, agility, and institutional workforce development

  • Digital Faculty for a Digital Future

Ensuring faculty have the digital fluency to provide creative, equitable, and innovative engagement for students

  • Learning from COVID-19 to Build a Better Future

Using digitization and digital transformation to produce technology systems that are more student centric and equity-minded

  • The Digital versus Brick-and-Mortar Balancing Game

Creating a blended campus to provide digital and physical work and learning spaces

  • From Digital Scarcity to Digital Abundance

Achieving full, equitable digital access for students by investing in connectivity, tools, and skills

  • The Shrinking World of Higher Education or an Expanded Opportunity?

Developing a technology-enhanced post-pandemic institutional vision and value proposition

  • Weathering the Shift to the Cloud

Creating a cloud and SaaS strategy that reduces costs and maintains control

  • Can We Learn from a Crisis?

Creating an actionable disaster-preparation plan to capitalize on pandemic-related cultural change and investments

  • Radical Creativity

Helping students prepare for the future by giving them tools and learning spaces that foster creative practices and collaborations

ITs are great, but it’s all about people!

Even knowing the relevance of the IT for the future of learning and education, people still remain as the key factor to ensure the sucess of every new approch. The students are saw not as a costumer who need services, but as people with rights, dreams and fears. Also staff, teachers and leaders should be helped and motivated to use IT as a tool to develop and constantly increase the “education we deserve”.

It’s a people process, and we can work on it as a team!

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