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dBias project conclusion

dBias project conclusion

Delft Digital Learning is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of the dBias project, a collaborative effort designed by NTCenter (BG) and spearheaded and coordinated by Bash Art Creative (UK-Scotland). Our esteemed partners, including Koç University (TR), Institute for Contemporary Education (RS), Arteveldehogeschool (BE), Edulin (NL), and Drawing to Health (NL), lent their specific expertise crucial to the project’s success.

The dBias project was exclusively dedicated to empowering and enhancing the professional development of educators and teachers. Its core focus lay in the creation of personalized bias profiling and development pathways for learners. Through this initiative, teachers and educators gained the invaluable ability to adapt and enhance their professional practices and skills. Moreover, school administrators and other related specialists and experts could also leverage this initiative, resulting in heightened efficiency in the support they provide to learners.

Delft Digital Learning played a pivotal role as course design and e-learning masters in this endeavor, contributing to the project’s triumph. The conclusion of the dBias project marks a significant milestone in the continuous pursuit of educational excellence and inclusivity. We remain committed to advancing professional development and fostering equitable learning environments for educators and learners alike.

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