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SkillFoster – Workshop in Rotterdam

SkillFoster – Workshop in Rotterdam

On May 27th and 28th, the SkillFoster partnership held its second workshop in Rotterdam, bringing together experts in conservation, restoration, digitization, and 19th-century architecture. This diverse group focused on integrating heritage into education, sharing insights and best practices.

Key Highlights:

  • Expert Contributions: Specialists shared the latest techniques in preserving historical artefacts, digitizing manuscripts, and maintaining architectural integrity.
  • Educational Integration: Discussions centred on using heritage in curricula to create engaging learning experiences.
  • Collaborative Projects: Plans for joint research, student exchange programs, and digital resource development were formulated.
  • Policy Advocacy: Strategies to secure more funding and resources for heritage education were discussed.

Moving Forward:

The workshop set the stage for developing educational modules, expanding digital archives, and organizing future training programs. SkillFoster is committed to enhancing heritage education across Europe, ensuring a richer learning experience for all.

Stay tuned as we continue to bridge the past with the present, fostering skills and knowledge for future generations.

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