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Skillability project conclusion

Skillability project conclusion

We are proud to announce the successful conclusion of the Skillability project, a transformative initiative spanning three years. This project was passionately dedicated to fostering social inclusion and enhancing employability opportunities for individuals with disabilities across Bulgaria, Netherlands, Slovenia, Denmark, Portugal, Italy, and Lithuania.

Skillability was established with a clear mission: to combat the persistently low employment rates among people with disabilities. It aimed to harness their unique talents, promote entrepreneurship, ignite creativity, and offer alternative paths to financial independence. The project’s overarching goals included the improvement of social and digital skills, the creation of accessible learning pathways, and the facilitation of qualification attainment. Furthermore, Skillability aimed to provide essential training opportunities to those who needed it most, while also establishing a robust support infrastructure for tasks like training needs analysis and the design of individualized learning journeys and personalized employment/entrepreneurship targets.

One remarkable solution championed by Skillability was the concept of remote work, which allowed individuals with disabilities to become productive contributors to the workforce, free from the challenges often posed by physically demanding or unwelcoming work environments. The Skillability digital platform played a pivotal role in creating a virtual workplace, providing a formal and supportive setting for participants.

Delft Digital Learning is immensely proud to have played a pivotal role in Skillability as course design and e-learning experts. This project’s successful culmination marks a significant step toward a more inclusive, equitable, and opportunity-rich future for individuals with disabilities. We look forward to continuing our commitment to creating positive social impact through innovative learning solutions.

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